Marketing for Lettering Artists

In this three-part mini-course, you will learn what is wrong with your current marketing goals, audit your online profile, and develop a 90-day plan to attract the right clients and projects to help boost your profile. Available for pre-order now | taught by Dominique Falla
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Dominique Falla
Dominique Falla
Typism Founder

About the Instructor

Hi there. My name is Dominique Falla and I am the founder of the Typism Global Community. I live in beautiful Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia.

For years I struggled as a freelance designer and illustrator. I didn't know how to attract the types of clients I wanted or stand out from my competition. Then I created my own lettering niche, almost by accident, and was able to travel the world creating tactile typography for clients like Google, Penguin and Woolworths. 

I created Typism to provide a platform and community for lettering artists to share best practices and develop the profile of lettering as an art form.

In this mini-course, you will go from chasing Instagram followers and feeling stuck in the comparison trap to feeling confident in your ability to implement an effective online marketing strategy. You will develop a 90-day plan, tailored to attract the right clients who value your lettering skills, and complete projects which boost your profile.

Included in this course:

  • Learn how to attract the right followers
  • Find and target the right industries
  • Differentiate yourself from other lettering artists
  • Build your profile and trust factor
  • Get clear on the types of projects you want
  • Be valued for your work.

Course Contents

9 Videos
18 PDFs
3.0 hrs